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Upcoming Fireworks Shows...

Hello Fireworks Fans. We're just letting you know about the upcoming fireworks shows. These are the last two of the season. Don't miss out......

*JUNE 24TH - Black Cat Fireworks (Thunder Fireworks) is hosting their annual distributor fireworks show. Begins at dusk. *JULY 1ST- Muckleshoot Casino is hosting their Professional Fireworks Show. Begins at dusk. Tips for the shows: *Arrive early, parking can be a pain. *Bring lawn chairs, blankets, and ear plugs (for young kids). *Take notes. During distributor shows (like Black Cat) they will announce the name of the product prior to lighting. *Check out the stands after the shows. You can ask the retailers if they carry the products you like and do some price comparisons. Don't forget to check out the P-R-U SHOP, we have a Fireworks Display Guide showing the different fireworks effects. See you soon fireworks fans, Pyros-R-Us Fireworks Staff 

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