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Pyros-R-US Pics

Built from the ground up
Rear view of Bob & Mitzi's
Throwback photo of Bob Judge
Bob Judge and kids
Bob & Mitzi's nearly 2 decades ago
Robert and son Gregg
Bob & Mitzi's (a Pyros-R-Us Outlet)
Bob Judge and Christine
Bob Judge and Christine
P-R-U Logo


Pyro Photo Wheel

Pyro Photo Collage

Owner Bob Judge and Christine
2009 P-R-U Crew
Built from scratch
Old pic of Bob & Mitzi's
Back side view of Bob & Mitzi's
2009 P-R-U Crew
Crow's Pyros-R-Us
Employees hard at work
Robert and son Gregg
Old P-R-U picture
Pyros-R-Us Logo
Old P-R-U photo 2
Bobby & Christine
Hands on...
Crow's Pyros-R-Us
Robert Judge and Kids
Bob & Mitzi's Fireworks

To have your own photos added to our Pyro Pics Page you can either email your fireworks related photos to or post them to our Facebook page.  We are looking for photos of yourself, your family, and your friends shopping at Pyros-R-Us or lighting the fireworks bought at Pyros-R-Us.


Please note:

By sending Pyros-R-Us photos via email or posting on our Facebook page you are giving your consent for Pyros-R-Us to use these photos for future advertising purposes (posting to the photo wall or throughout the webpage, inclusion in newsletters, etc).

Want to see yourself on the Pyro Pics Page?

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